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Network Analyzers

Network analysers (also known as sniffers) are hardware or software applications that can intercept, inspect and collect data traffic passing along a network for further analysis. They are useful tools enabling network administrators to analyse network problems, detect intrusion attempts, monitor network usage, and gather and report network statistics.

Why do you need to use an access technology solution with your network analyser?

Gaining access to 100% of network traffic is essential for successful network analysis. Switched portanalyser (SPAN) ports may not provide 100% of network traffic if they are over-subscribed or they may not be available for use when needed. It may also be necessary to monitor multiple network segments simultaneously and aggregate the data to your network analysis tools or to replicate the data to more than one network tool at the same time.

Network Critical solutions for network analysers

By implementing a Network Critical Access Solution into your network infrastructure you can solve the problems associated with installing a network analysis tool. Breakout test access ports (TAPs) provide easy single-segment monitoring while Aggregating and Regenerating TAPs allow you to combine different network segments as well as copy your data traffic to several network tools at the same time. The Smart Network Access System gives you the ability to do all of these things in a high-density environment and the flexibility to adjust to the changing needs of your data centre.

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