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The Healthcare Industry is going through a technological revolution. New methodologies and technologies such as EMR (Electronic Medical Records), Remote patient monitoring, telemedicine and PACS (Picture Archiving Communication Systems) to name but a few, not only improve patient data sharing but also enable advanced treatments and improved health outcomes. This places significant demand not only on the healthcare network infrastructure but also the security systems that are required to maintain patient confidentiality.

With over-stretched budgets, IT teams need to leverage existing monitoring and security tools to serve a wide-ranging list of requirements; from network performance management and monitoring to detecting and defending security based threats. The integrity and reliability of the network can literally be a matter of life and death. Network Critical solutions help overcome these challenges with their advanced features and functionality. 

  • Increase ROI of network monitoring and security infrastructure through Network Critical’s scalable and modular solutions
  • Reduce Capex and Opex
  • Eliminate tool oversubscription and packet loss
  • Optimize tool utilization
  • Use Drag-n-Vu to visualize and manage single or multiple interconnected NPBs quickly and efficiently, ensuring the right tools see the right data.

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