Network Critical - The Window to your Network


Increases in network demand via, regulatory compliance, online banking, high-frequency trading, mobile payments and an ever increasing deluge of data make it a challenge for IT managers to maintain network performance and accurately analyse the data. Any network down-time or delay can costs organisations millions of dollars in lost revenues.

Network Critical empowers their networks by only allowing traffic of interest to be aggregated, filtered and replicated at line-rate speed to one or more monitoring and security tools. Thus ensuring the security, performance, compliance and integrity of their networks.

Financial services solutions from Network Critical offer the ability to:

  • Leverage your existing tools as bandwidth increases and provide visibility into 100% of your network.
  • Manage inline tools with zero network downtime.
  • Eliminate single points of failure across the network.
  • Eliminate tool oversubscription and packet loss.
  • Optimize tool utilization for 100% network coverage
  • Increase the ROI of your security and monitoring tools.

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