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With the ever increasing need for more bandwidth, organisations are sifting through enormous amounts of data-packets traversing across their network. Sending the correct data to the relevant monitoring tools to improve network visibility is critical and packet filtering helps achieve this. Not doing so becomes expensive and problematic, damaging the integrity and security of your network. 

Filtering rules can become very complex requiring a lot of time to write and update as your network evolves. This is time and money wasted on tool maintenance instead of being spent resolving network problems quickly and/or adding new capabilities. With Network Critical’s Drag-n-Vu filtering rule engine, all filtering and rule complexity is taken care of.  For a brief video of how this works please click to view.

  • Filtering allows you to connect your existing 1G network tools to 10G networks without overloading the tool or dropping essential packets.
  • Send only the relevant data to the relevant tools
  • Monitor tools at full line speed whilst filtering the traffic by protocol, IP address, TCP/UDP port, VLAN, or other header information.
  • Filters can be used together to filter packets on multiple criteria ensuring you can easily create refined filtering rules that would otherwise be difficult to achieve.

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