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Drag-n-Vu is the revolutionary computational engine (patent pending) and graphical interface that powers Network Critical’s SmartNA-X & SmartNA-X HD family of solutions. 

Even relatively simple tools like firewalls are easily mis-configured. Manual configuration is slow, error-prone, wasteful of system resources and can result in service interruptions and security vulnerabilities that could be prevented with proper configuration.

Drag-n-Vu eliminates the risk of misconfiguration by combining simple visual styling with sophisticated rule-generation algorithms. Simple to use, with powerful results, by embedding these advanced mathematics into our systems, the need to understand the interaction and dependancies of filter rule sets is removed.

  • Revolutionary technology simplifies and guarantees correct configuration (patent pending)
  • Create complex multiple filter combinations quickly on any stream without worrying about ingress and egress ports
  • Enables delivery of your critical network data to your security and analysis tools in seconds

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