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Bandwidth Management

Bandwidth management is the process of measuring and controlling traffic traveling across a network link in order to avoid filling the link to over-capacity, which typically results in problems such as network congestion, slow response time and overall poor network performance.

Why do you need to use an access technology solution with your bandwidth management tool?

Because these tools need to be installed inline, they can become a source of network downtime. When the device fails or needs to be maintained, the entire network needs to be brought down to perform these fixes.

Network Critical solutions for bandwidth management

With Network Critical’s V-Line Test Access Ports (TAPs) and their fail-safe technology, it’s possible to install these network tools virtually, inline. If one of the connections to the V-Line TAP is lost, the other connection is automatically dropped. This allows network traffic to continue to flow if power is lost to the TAP or if the connected device needs to be disconnected or updated.

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Network Critical is certified or works with the following vendors that sell bandwidth management: