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SmartNA-X™ PacketPro™ Module

Product details

Network Critical’s PacketPro™ module for SmartNA-X™ provides the intelligence required for improving the performance of your monitoring and security network. As the enabler of multiple applications, PacketPro™ can manipulate any packet that is sent from the production network to the monitoring network.

PacketPro™ slicing improves the efficiency and optimizes the performance of your monitoring and security appliances; forwarding only the appropriate packet data to appliances means less content needs to be processed, and storage requirements are reduced.

Sensitive and confidential information, such as credit card numbers or medical records, can be hidden or removed with the PacketPro™ payload masking feature, enabling compliance regulations to be adhered to efficiently.

Capable of processing traffic from integrated TAPs, Bypass TAPs, SPAN ports, and Packet Brokers, PacketPro™ is a powerful addition to Network Critical’s SmartNA-X™ solution for your monitoring network.

Product variants

SmartNA-X 5701: SmartNA-X PacketPro Module

SmartNA-X 5702: SmartNA-X PacketPro Module (Rear tray)



  • Powerful and flexible Ethernet packet slicing, header stripping and payload masking module.
  • Packet slicing: truncate packets at a particular byte to remove payloads and reduce appliance workload and storage requirements.
  • Header stripping: remove any tunneling protocol to obtain the un-tunneled traffic for further (filtering) processing, such as GRE, GTP(U/C), RTP, VN-Tag, MPLS.
  • Payload masking: erase any part of the packet payload for analysis or archiving without the sensitive contents.
  • User-configured customisable packet modifications.
  • Simple modular extension to SmartNA-X system.
  • Configurable as 2x10G, or 4x1G line-rate full duplex parallel processing engines.
  • Ultimate optimisation of network security or monitoring appliances.
  • Leverage existing appliance investment.
  • Allow easy filtering, aggregation, and load balancing of packets with headers removed.
  • Key enabler for compliance with regulations such as SOX, HIPAA and PCI-DSS.
  • Visibility into tunneled or protocol-encapsulated flows.
  • Eliminate the need for additional expensive monitoring tools to decipher protocols.
  • Future-proof solution:1G & 10G configurations.
  • Efficient, cost-effective and practical NPMD enhancement.
  • Process traffic from integrated TAPs, Bypass TAPs, SPAN ports, and NPBs.