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SmartNA-X™ V-Line™ Bypass TAP Modules

Product details

This modular TAP solution device provides complete failsafe protection for an inline appliance in one simple step. Installed in place of the appliance, the TAP continually checks the appliance’s network status and while it is online directs network traffic through it. If the appliance goes offline the TAP automatically bypasses it and traffic is directed straight through to the network devices. When the appliance comes online again traffic is once again directed through it.

This feature is vital for customers who want to deploy inline appliances on mission critical network segments but simply can’t afford the risk of unscheduled downtime or the costly dilemma of scheduled downtime for configuration changes, maintenance or repair scenarios.

Our Modular V-Line TAPs are part of a flexible system that allows you to TAP any type of network infrastructure. The chassis and module platform provides interchangeable modules to be used with our SmartNA-X chassis. The modules are hot-swappable, allowing easy changes to the network at any time. The chassis also provides the option of remote management, adding to the security of the unit.

Product variants

5611: SmartNA-X V-Line Module: (4) 10/100/1000 Ethernet

5621: SmartNA-X V-Line Module, (2) SX Optical, (2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet

5622: SmartNA-X V-Line Module, (2) LX Optical, (2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet

5631: SmartNA-X V-Line Module, (2) 10/100/1000 Ethernet (2) 1GbE SFP

5641: SmartNA-X V-Line Module, (2) SX Optical, (2) 1GbE SFP

5642: SmartNA-X V-Line Module, (2) LX Optical, (2) 1GbE SFP


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