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SmartNA-X™ Modular Chassis

Product details

The SmartNA-X 1U chassis is the most flexible chassis available on the TAP market today. Housing up to four SmartNA-X modules this 1U device allows you to add a permanent TAP solution into your data centre while still allowing for total flexibility.

The SmartNA-X 1U chassis allows you to TAP up to eight network links. Aggregate and/or filter all of the data to single or multiple monitoring ports or TAP a single link and regenerate the traffic to up to 14 monitoring ports. Because each modular TAP in the SmartNA-X system is fully configurable, there are endless possibilities for configuring the system to meet the specific needs of your data centre.

The SmartNA-X chassis supports five independently operating TAP modules that are hot-swappable, fully configurable and available in various configurations of copper, single mode fibre, multi-mode fibre, and SFP/SFP+ ports. Slot 1 supports 1/10-Gbit/s TAP modules (coloured red), slots 2, 3 and 4 support 1-Gbit/s TAP modules (coloured blue). Slot 5 (rear) supports 10-Gbit/s TAP modules (2 ports only). Four ports on each module are used to TAP live traffic and direct it to output ports where network tools can be used to capture and monitor your network data. The management port provides access to the web UI and CLI, from where system and module settings can be managed.

Product variants

SmartNA-X™ 5010: 1U chassis, (4) 90mm TAP module slots and (1) fixed rear 10G TAP module (populated)

SmartNA-X™ 5011: 1U chassis, (4) 90mm TAP module slots & (1) rear 10G slot (unpopulated)

Features and benefits

Feature Benefit
Aggregation Aggregate traffic from any module across with true non-blocking performance. Ability to aggregate 1G links to a 10G port
Dual PSUs Optional dual independent PSUs for redundancy protection against single point power failure
Filtering Advanced packet filtering capabilities, including ability to filter 10G traffic to continue using 1G tools
GUI Easy-to-use web UI with support for click-n-drag port mappings
Modular design 4x hot-swappable modules can be added or removed
Security Local or external authentication and authorisation via RADIUS and TACACS+