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SmartNA™ 10G V-Line™ Bypass TAP Chassis

Product details

The SmartNA 10G V-Line™ 1U chassis with its modular design is the most flexible 10G bypass solution available. Install up to four SmartNA™ 10G V-Line™ modules in SR, LR or ER to add a permanent bypass TAP solution into your data centre. Managed through an easy-to-use web interface, administration overhead is reduced and network uptime is increased.

The SmartNA 10G V-Line™ modules are part of the most flexible bypass TAP system available. Select from SR, LR, or ER with SFP+ monitor ports; a module is available to meet all your monitoring needs. Hot-swappable means you can add additional modules on the fly. Exclusive bi-directional heartbeats monitor the health of the appliance and in the event of an appliance, network, or power failure, react instantly to maximise network uptime. Supporting bypass and breakout TAP modes, network appliances can be used safely inline or out-of-band to passively monitor the link. The inline appliance can also be set offline for maintenance or upgrades without affecting the network, simplifying the management of your network tools. Flexible management through an https, SSH Telnet, SNMP or a serial connection lets you select the solution that’s right for your environment.

This 10G TAP can be configured as a Breakout TAP, Aggregating TAP or V-Line™ Bypass TAP.

Product variants


SNAC1-AC-10GV: SmartNA™ 10 Gigabit V-Line™ 1U Chassis, 4 Slots, Dual AC power

SNAC1-DC-10GV: SmartNA™ 10 Gigabit V-Line™ 1U Chassis, 4 Slots, Dual DC power


SNAM-10GSR-V: SmartNA™ 10G‐SR V-Line™ TAP Module – Multi-mode 10GSR Fibre with two SFP+ Cages

SNAM-10GLR-V: SmartNA™ 10G‐LR V-Line™ TAP Module – Single mode 10G‐LR Fibre with two SFP+ Cages

SNAM-10GER-V: SmartNA™ 10G‐ER V-Line™ TAP Module – Single mode 10G‐ER Fibre with two SFP+ Cages