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SmartNA-X HD™

The SmartNA-X HD platform is the latest member of the SmartNA-X™ family of network packet brokers utilising Drag-n-Vu™ technology to deliver the industry’s easiest to use configuration system for network and monitoring visualisation.

The SmartNA-X HD platform delivers complete software upgradeability from the base aggregation platform, all the way up to an aggregation plus filtering platform, as well as a fully featured network packet broker offering advanced capabilities, such as, session-aware load balancing, header stripping, packet slicing and single pane management through Network Critical’s proprietary SmartFabric™. The Drag-n-Vu filter rules engine allows operators to configure rules for passing traffic between ports in a matter of seconds. 

SmartNA-X HD™ 4000 Series

SmartNA-X HD™ 4000 Series

If you know you’ll only ever need simple 1Gb and 10Gb aggregation capability, we offer the 4024 – a 24-port 1/10G aggregation and distribution platform.

SmartNA-X HD™ 5000 Series

SmartNA X HD 5 Series

If you want the option to upgrade to add filtering or perhaps more advanced features such as load balancing, we offer a baseline 24-port option, the 5024 and a 48-port option, the 5048. You can purchase upgrade licence keys that enable filtering or a full feature set to be added to the base platforms in blocks of twelve ports to deliver exactly the capability they need on the ports you want.