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It’s easy to misconfigure even relatively simple tools like firewalls. Manual configuration is slow, error-prone, wasteful of system resources and can result in service interruptions and security vulnerabilities.

Check out how easy it is to configure, take a look at one of the demonstrations below: 

Note: These demonstrations require Java - in order to run them successfully please ensure the following:

  • Your system is running Java build 1.5, or later, and Java is enabled for browsers.
  • This web site ( is added to your Java Exception Site List in the Java control panel.
  • Use only Internet Explorer or Safari browsers. Chrome, Firefox and Edge browsers do not support Java.
  • You may also use Firefox (ESR) Extended Support Release (32 bit).
  • Finally, there is no username or password required, just click 'Login'. If you need help please click 'View manual' at the top of the page.

Drag-n-Vu technology, which drives Network Critical’s SmartNA-X™ and SmartNA-X HD™ family of solutions, uses sophisticated rule-generation algorithms to eliminate the risk of misconfiguration. In seconds, Drag-n-Vu technology provides complete control and visibility with configuration, providing greater flexibility than competing solutions.

Drag-n-Vu is foundational to enabling user self service, ensuring that your critical network traffic is delivered to your network security, monitoring and compliance tools when you need it most.

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