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Packet Brokers for Net Management and High Availability: Have your Cake and Eat it Too

Have your cake and eat it - Packet Brokers for Net Management and High AvailabilityNetwork availability and network performance are at odds with each other.  In order to maximize network performance for optimum availability and increased throughput, the conventional solution would be to minimize external tools and maximize bandwidth.  The problem with that solution, however, is that higher bandwidth requires aggressive management and vigilant security.  This can only be accomplished by inserting more tools.

The math tells us that availability decreases with each new device that is inserted in-line on the network.  Assume we have two network management tools connected to a link, the availability of the weakest, least reliable device times the availability of the more reliable tool becomes the system reliability.  For example, if device one is available 99% of the time and device two is available 99.99% of the time the system availability becomes 98.99%, less than either device on its own.  This example is one link and two tools.  This serial connectivity can have quite a dramatic impact on availability in larger networks with many links and tools.

IT departments are currently deploying 3-5 network tools per link or group of links in a network running applications such as security, compliance, analytics and performance management.  Further complicating the availability conundrum is the fact that these devices must be taken off-line periodically for feature, firmware and rule updates.

How can network managers utilize the benefits of specialized tools while maintaining high network availability?  The answer to this question is also the answer to the question, “Why is the tap and packet broker market exploding?”  Deploying tools through taps and packet brokers eliminates the serial degradation of availability while increasing the operational efficiency of the connected tools.

Packet brokers act as traffic cops enabling tools to have visibility into network links without the risk of availability degradation.  Taps connect to network links then send the data flow into the Packet Broker for aggregation, filtering and packet distribution.  The tools connect to the packet broker, not directly to the network link.  The taps provide fail-safe connectivity to keep the networks up even if the tool goes down or is taken off-line for maintenance.  The packet broker also provides many sophisticated features that increase network management efficiency and economy, including:

  • Aggregation – This allows many smaller links to consolidate traffic going to a single tool port and enables dramatic savings on expensive tool resources.
  • Load Balancing – This provides for even distribution of packets from a single high-speed link to less expensive tools designed for lower throughput.   It is particularly useful to networks in transition from 1G to 10G links.
  • Filtering – This removes non-critical packets improving the efficiency of the tools.  It is important when monitoring higher speed links where the storage capacity of the tool must be scaled to its computing capacity.

By creating an architecture where tools are connected to networks with taps and managed with packet brokers, network managers can efficiently utilize multiple network tools without impacting network availability.

Network Critical is the premier innovator of TAP and Packet Broker technology. The SmartNA-X and SmartNA-X HD product portfolio offers unmatched simplicity, efficiency, flexibility and value.

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Why Packet Slicing is a Requirement for Your Network

Get the balance right between netwrok speed and performanceEveryday, people rely on networks to bring them their information quickly and efficiently. The challenge continues to be finding that balance between the demands for speed and performance, and the need for high-level security and privacy.

This is where packet slicing comes in. Packet slicing is a solution that helps network managers find that ever-changing balance between performance and security. Today, we took another step toward providing our customers with the confidence they crave in their networking. We are happy to announce that packet slicing is now a standard feature on our SmartNA-X family of products.

Using packet slicing, network managers are free to drop unnecessary payload data. Without this extra data, analysis tools can process packets faster and more efficiently, and at the same time customer conversations remain private. Customers can have complete confidence if their network, and network managers have access to the data in real time on a user-friendly interface.

By standardizing this feature, we are continuing our commitment to satisfying our customers’ networking needs.

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Making the Window to Your Network Even Better

A window to your network trafficAs you may have noticed, we’ve done some major work on our website to give users a more streamlined and interactive user experience when it comes to browsing for premier network packet broker and tap solutions.

We did this in an effort to connect more with end users, and provide a clear picture of what we do – our technology and value proposition.  As illustrated in our video, using a tap or NPB to improve the effectiveness of your network monitoring systems should be a standard model.  It has the ability to be a game changer by providing simplicity to complex network monitoring initiatives; and it can be as basic as riding a bike!

Looking for always-on IT services that deliver exceptional quality? Looking to optimize performance, compliance and deliver improved security insights? Network Critical solutions use revolutionary technologies to ensure the 100 percent network visibility organizations need. From TAPS, aggregation and packet filtering, to load balancing, packet slicing and single panel management, Network Critical’s suite of solutions incorporating Drag-n-Vu offers the most comprehensive and intuitive network visibility enhancement solutions on the market today.

We’re extremely committed to ensuring that our customers feel their network access and monitoring needs are fully supported and we hope this mission is shown through our website’s improved functionality and up-to-date look and feel. If you have any suggestions or comments, please contact us via the inquiry box located on our home page.

Check out our brand new website as well as a video we’ve developed that provides a brief overview of how our patented Drag-n-Vu technology can benefit your organization by clicking here.

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