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Why Is Network Tool Configuration So Important? – Configuration: The Bain of Effective Network Monitoring

Network monitoring is utilized for the purpose of overseeing the operation of a computer network using specialized management software tools.  It is critical for debugging, monitoring performance and enforcing security compliance in all networked environments. Network monitoring systems are tasked with ensuring the availability and performance of computers and network services, and can detect and report on failures of devices or connections.

Configuation of network monitoring and inspection tools

Key to the proper operation of network monitoring systems is configuration.  In the past network monitoring only encompassed a few network devices with bandwidth running at less than 1Gbps.  Now, administrators have to deal with higher speeds (from 1G to increasing instances of 10G and above), the addition of wireless networks, and a conglomeration of many sophisticated network traffic monitoring and analysis tools in order to maintain the network’s stability and availability.  With the vast increase in monitoring tools, coupled with network complexities and constantly changing monitoring requirements (based on variables such as increased use of social media, new and evolving compliance regulations, etc.), the task of tool configuration has changed significantly to become much more complex and time-consuming. 

What has gone from a one-time configuration where the tool can be set and forgotten, can now take from 30-minutes to multiple hours to configure each tool based on the complexity of the configuration, and then each tool may need to be reconfigured on a frequent and continuous basis.  Imagine the hours of work this adds to the IT department each week.  To compound to the complications this new situation presents, keep in mind that mis-configuring any one of these tools is entirely plausible, and in fact happens often.  And when faulty configuration occurs, that tool is not monitoring the traffic it is tasked with, leaving the network vulnerable and rendering monitoring ineffective.

Network Critical has recognized that correctly configuring network tools was going to be a major headache as the number or tools and their frequency of use increased. That’s why we’ve built the easiest to use network visibility controllers and TAPs currently availability. We can do in seconds what other visibility controllers take minutes and hours to achieve and with more accuracy.

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