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So, which “Wall” do you think we are going to talk about today? Here is a hint…During the week of June 25-29 Cisco is holding its annual technology and networking conference. Thousands of technology innovators will be descending on Las Vegas for education and inspiration needed to thrive in the fast moving world of digital business. It is Cisco Live! 2017!

At the conference you may run into these superheroes…Code Crusader, MegaFix, Major Shift, Ignitor and The Wall. These superheroes are programmers, troubleshooters, transformational leaders, innovators and protectors of the network. Network Critical TAPS and Packet Brokers supply the capes and enhanced powers for two of these heroes, MegaFix and The Wall.

MegaFix is the super trouble shooter. In order to troubleshoot, one needs visibility. Network Critical TAPs provide visibility to network traffic flows assisting the MegaFix mission. The Wall is the protector of the network. In order to protect the network from attackers, The Wall needs to not only see traffic, but to be able to quickly act on what our superhero sees. Network Critical SmartNA-X in-line TAPS connect appliances to network links and allows them to act in real time stopping malicious traffic dead in its tracks.

Let’s look at FirePower, next generation super firewalls from Cisco. FirePower products integrate Intrusion Detection and Prevention in the firewall. One powerful appliance can provide multiple network protection functions. Small business can take advantage of the super-powers of The Wall as well as Data Centers and Service Providers. Just as our partner, Cisco, provides protection options for different businesses, Network Critical has options to connect FirePower Threat Defense for businesses large and small.

The Cisco ASA5500-X for small business is budget friendly yet powerful protection. Using a four slot chassis with only a single in-line TAP to connect to Cisco FirePOWER ASA 5500-X with FTD the cost of entry is minimal and scalability is simple. There are three additional slots in the powered chassis that are ready for use as new links are added. The TAP will bypass the appliance for maintenance needs or other issues ensuring network availability.

Some of the largest and most critical networks are Service Providers. The FirePower 9300 Series is a high performance NEBS rated NGFW with FTD. This product, designed for the Service Provider market provides critical speed, reliability and scalability. The Network Critical SmartNA-10G-V-Line high speed TAP connects the FirePower 9300 series appliances to network links at super speed providing real time threat protection as expected from a super hero.

The Network Critical high speed TAPs provide fail-safe operation keeping the network operational in the event of a power failure. Further, the exclusive V-Line (Bypass) technology maintains network availability in the event that the connected appliance is offline for maintenance or other issues. Space and real estate are two other important issues for Service Providers. The Network Critical 10G V-Line Tap is packaged in a slim 1U chassis and can be powered by either AC or DC power supplies.

The dictionary defines superheroes as: pl. su·per·he·roes A fictional figure having superhuman powers or greatly enhanced abilities, usually portrayed as fighting evil or crime.

The combination of Cisco FirePower partnered with Network Critical V-Line TAPs is a perfect fit for that definition. Cisco FirePower is the impenetrable wall against evil hackers and Network Critical TAPs provide the enhanced abilities safely connecting FirePower appliances to links while keeping the network available to users at all times. Find us in the Cisco Solution MarketPlace.

FirePower + TAP Power is indeed a superhuman partnership. Network Critical experts will be at Cisco Live! this week. Contact us for an appointment with a real network superhero. Enjoy the show!

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