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Why Packet Slicing is a Requirement for Your Network

Get the balance right between netwrok speed and performanceEveryday, people rely on networks to bring them their information quickly and efficiently. The challenge continues to be finding that balance between the demands for speed and performance, and the need for high-level security and privacy.

This is where packet slicing comes in. Packet slicing is a solution that helps network managers find that ever-changing balance between performance and security. Today, we took another step toward providing our customers with the confidence they crave in their networking. We are happy to announce that packet slicing is now a standard feature on our SmartNA-X family of products.

Using packet slicing, network managers are free to drop unnecessary payload data. Without this extra data, analysis tools can process packets faster and more efficiently, and at the same time customer conversations remain private. Customers can have complete confidence if their network, and network managers have access to the data in real time on a user-friendly interface.

By standardizing this feature, we are continuing our commitment to satisfying our customers’ networking needs.

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