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Batman and Robin, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, Lennon and McCartney, Abbott and Costello, Jobs and Wozniak are all famous partnerships. Individually, each of these famous folk were likely outstanding but it was the combination of both that made them great.

Network Critical is pleased to announce a partnership with Netfort, a leading provider of network security appliances and software. NetFort provides a single solution to monitor network traffic, users and security. Using Deep Packet Inspection, network managers can drill down to granular information like user names, file names and web domains. These appliances can sort and report on every bit of data flowing across a network.

Generally, the NetFort appliances connect to network switches using Span ports. While this is an adequate solution, it is not ideal. Span ports are often unavailable for connection if there are other appliances that are connected. Further, Span traffic is low priority and can be dropped during busy traffic times.

Network Critical is a global supplier of Taps and Packet Brokers that allow fail safe access for network appliances to connect to network links. By connecting appliances such as NetFort’s LANGuardian with Network Critical’s SmartNA taps, network managers can be assured that 100% of the data will flow through the appliance 100% of the time. After all, if you can not see all the data, you can not get the full picture. Further, the SmartNA taps provide fail safe access so even if power is lost, the network traffic will still flow.

“NetFort are delighted to welcome Network Critical to our Technology partner program. The flexibility and usability of both Network Critical and NetFort make them an ideal solution for organisations of all sizes” said John Brosnan, CEO at NetFort. “The combination of SmartNA-X™ and LANGuardian technologies will ensure organisations can very easily gain deeper security and operational insights into what is happening across their network, even internally.”

It may be a while before “NetFort and Network Critical” join the list of iconic partnerships but it is certain that the added value of this alliance will benefit network managers around the world. For more information please take a look at and

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