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A New Economy is Born

Search and ye shall find. Virtually all the knowledge in the world can be found somewhere on-line. The same goes for news. When I was growing up in the 60’s we had newspapers, TV and Radio as primary news sources. The problem with those sources was that we heard only the news that the source provided. With the Internet, we can find news that the traditional outlets did not deem worthy of reporting or news from far flung reaches of the world not covered locally.

I found something on the Internet recently that is fascinating and wanted share. This is not directly about technology but touches our industry in many ways.

On December 31st, 2015, the Association of Southeast Nations Economic Community (AEC) became a legal entity. The member countries include Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Viet Nam, Laos and Myanmar and represent a market base of 630 million people. The new organization will boast a combined GDP of US$ 2.6 Trillion making it the 7th largest economy in the world. The combined GDP growth rate is 4.7%. The new regional organization will provide increased opportunity for economic and social development in the area.

There are working groups in process developing plans for faster broadband, telecommunications and IT cooperation, environmental management, social issues, regional security, political cooperation, energy and other topics. The AEC will also improve economic trade with other larger economies in the region such as China and Japan. Generally, it will be easier to do business with the AEC than to deal with ten individual countries each with its own regulations, tariffs, politics and policies.

Opportunities abound from these types of developments. There are seven pages of employment opportunities on There is also a call for scientists and engineers to join a joint ASEAN-US Science and Technology fellowship program. For more information on this program: Application.6jan16FINAL.pdf

The AEC is an organization that, as it grows and develops, will improve the lives of millions and contribute to global security and stability. It is a pretty big deal but I did not hear about it on TV. I did not read about it in the newspaper. I found out about it on the Internet. Not only does the Internet make such regional cooperation and development technically possible, it also helps the world learn and understand the good news that may not be broadly published by traditional news outlets.

So, this blog is sharing some positive world news and offering a pat on the back for everyone who is in the business of building, managing and securing the Internet.

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