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A Drag'n'Vu Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when I opened the GUI

To configure some maps, and a filter or three
I opened a screen to see all the ports
Then opened another to make a filter of sorts

I had to be careful with the path I had chosen
A little mistake would cause the system to be frozen
I looked at my spread sheet that I set up with care
In hopes that I could complete it with time left to spare

My hopes were soon dashed in the wink of an eye
When data I want passed was earlier denied
Taking a big breath, I counted to ten
I had to go back and start over again

Then in the front lobby, there came such a clatter
I called the receptionist to ask what’s the matter
She said there is a rep waiting for you here
With such great news that is sure to bring cheer

Away to the lobby I flew like a flash
To meet this visitor who will make my system not crash
“I’m from Network Critical”, he said, “I said who?”
“Network Critical, the inventor of Drag n Vu."

Sounds pretty simple, can it help me get home
In  time for egg nog and Prime Rib on the Bone?
“Yes!” said the visitor, “It is easy as pie”
Here, plug this in and give it a try.

I was amazed as I dragged the cursor around
Making port maps then filtering on down
It did not matter, in what order I made the rules

The program knew and applied it to my tools

In twenty seconds, my work was complete
I was on my way home for a Christmas Eve treat
My Christmas was saved, because this Drag n Vu
Applied my rules and knew what to do

As we count our blessings and offer good cheer
We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year
From the company that helps build networks right
Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night!

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Jingle Bell, Bloody Hell! A Seasonal Poem...

Dashing through the NOC,
with my laptop on my arm,
o'er the racks I run,
with servers in alarm,
Lights on blades blink red,
I need to see the flows,
Without the TAPs and tools I need
my access really slows.

Jingle Bell, Bloody Hell!
The servers all went down,
I wish I had some better tools
to see what’s goin’ on.

Hey! Jingle Bell, Bloody Hell!
My bosses are in town,
Not a good time to give a tour
when the servers are all down.

I rummage through the stock
looking for some TAPs,
Connect them to the switch
and look at all my apps,
Suddenly I see
where the problem lies,
All my ACK have turned to NACKS
And now I look so wise.

Jingle Bell, Bloody Hell!
The servers all went down,
but thanks to TAPs I see my apps
and find a work-around.

Hey! Jingle Bell, Bloody Hell!
I love these network tools,
My holiday was saved today
And the bosses think I’m cool.

Happy Holidays from your friends at
Network Critical.
The network visibility company.

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5 Tips for Selecting a Technology Vendor

Pencil tips - advice on selecting a technology vendor IT budgets are stressed, yet networks continue to grow.  Bandwidth requirements are increasing along with the need to focus on monitoring for performance, compliance, analysis and security.  In these times of tight budgets and increasing performance demands, pricing is king.  Prevailing wisdom says cut every dime out of every deal to keep costs in line, but is beating down the price really the best strategy for technology buyers? Buying network technology is not like buying a typical consumable, where the source is less important than the price.  Network engineers and buyers are developing long term relationships with vendors as new technology is introduced into the network.  It is, therefore, critical that broader criteria be used when choosing a new vendor.  Here are 5 tips for evaluating your tech vendor:

  • Support – Support costs money.  Look for a vendor who understands your business, your criticalities and your geography. A vendor who is willing to cut their margin to the bone to get a deal will likely be a difficult negotiator when you need support down the road.  Further, how easy is the product to configure and manage with your internal resources?  What is the mean time between failures (MTBF)?  After all, the best support scenario is to not need it.
  • Financial StabilityDoes this company have a record of profitability?  Developing a long term relationship and integrating technology into your network is risky business with a company that is losing money. Before you standardize, be sure your potential partner is in it for the long run and has the resources to continue to innovate and develop new products and features as your network evolves.
  • Focus – You will not want to install a product in your network only to find out in a month that the vendor is selling that division or exiting that particular business line. Be sure the product you are purchasing is in the main stream of what this company does. You will want all the resources and expertise of your new vendor to be focused on the product(s) you are buying.
  • ScaleAs your business grows, so does your network.  Be sure potential vendor partners can scale with your business.  The manufacturing capacity of a vendor partner should be able to quickly accommodate large, un-forecasted orders within 30-60 days.
  • PriceFinally, price is important. The vendor must be competitive with industry peers on pricing.  However, be sure to look at total cost of ownership (TCO), not just the initial price.  Will there be ongoing licensing fees?  What are the operational costs, like additional cooling requirements and power draw?  What technical resources are needed to manage the new technology in the network?

A product is only as good as the company presenting it.  By evaluating the company, as well as the product, you increase your odds of making an informed decision as well as developing quality long-term vendor relationships.

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