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It Can’t Happen Here (Or Can It?): Increasing Investments for Sound Security Practices

Burying your head in the sand - IT problems will never happen to us!

Did the head of IT security for Michaels Stores ever think, “It can’t happen here,” before their systems were breached and 3 million payment cards were compromised. Did the head of IT security for Target think the same before his system was breached and millions of credit and debit card numbers were stolen?

The 2014 Cyberthreat Defense Report for North America and Europe issued by CyberEdge Group provides a comprehensive report on the state of IT security. It reported that over 60 percent of respondents were affected by a successful cyber attack in 2013 but less than 40 percent expect that they will be victimized again in 2014.

The reasoning behind the optimistic outlook by the 40 percent is not stated in the report.  It could be that they have their head buried in the sand or it could be they learned a lesson last year and are increasing investments in next generation firewalls, data loss protection appliances, network access control and other security procedures and appliances.

It’s clear that cyber-attacks come in many forms. In fact, the report noted 19 specific network security technologies that their respondents are using today or planning for acquisition. This specialization in security tools requires network managers to utilize a variety of tools to protect network assets from attacks. 

Installing, configuring and managing many devices from multiple vendors is challenging, to say the least. Fortunately, innovative Packet Broker companies like Network Critical are making it easier to manage multi-tool environments. Products like the SmartNA-X and SmartNA-X HD allow simple integration of multiple tools for network analysis, compliance and security. Passive, in-line and by-pass switches allow risk free connection of tools to links without compromising network performance or availability.

The stakes are high for these very public companies. Success is critical to attain customers’ trust. Optimism, noted above, should be based on increased investment in sound security architectures and not “head in the sand and hope for the best” approach. 

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Need for more agile and flexible configuration for network tools

ImageThe days of set-it-and-forget-it for network access and monitoring tools is long gone.  In the legacy environments of old, network access and monitoring requirements were static. But now, drivers such as social media use, new security & compliance standards, increasing network speeds, etc., are causing access and monitoring requirements to change almost daily.

It used to be that IT spent an average of one to two hours configuring a new tool and did not need to revisit the configuration for months, if ever. With today’s ever changing needs, and with standard network environments including an average of 3 to 5 tools per link or group of links, IT can find themselves spending hours each day between adding new tools and reconfiguring existing appliances based on new analysis requirements. Not only can these configurations be done incorrectly, rendering the tool useless as it may not be receiving the traffic it needs to monitor, but the amount of time needed to keep up with the demands for constant reconfiguring is exorbitant.  There needs to be a better way to handle this, and that way is through automation. Find out about how we help automate the configuration of tools bringing the average configuration time down from hours to just a few minutes with our Drag-n-Vu technology.

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