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Tap into the opportunity

Network Taps represents a hugely exciting opportunity for resellers who have experience and expertise in the Security business. They offer tremendous potential for creating value for customers and surprisingly it is a market that few resellers have fully embraced.

How we can help you

Our goal at Network Critical is to form profitable, win-win partnerships with resellers.

In order to achieve this, Network Critical will work directly and closely with your sales staff to add value and develop our relationship and opportunities.

  • Set up demonstrations and training sessions for sales representatives, explaining the value of Network Critical’s products and the additional revenue they could gain by selling our products
  • Set up demonstrations and training sessions with sales engineers, explaining the value of Network Critical’s products and how they would benefit their customers and how our products are superior to others in the marketplace
  • Provide the assistance of our Territory Sales Representatives and Technical Manager when introducing our products to a customer or when trying to figure out a specific solution for a customer

We will work closely with you and provide all the support you need to identify and capitalise on opportunities.

Ongoing Reseller Support

  • Send out email blasts/newsletters to your sales staff to keep them informed about our products and solutions
  • Inform sales staff of new products before they are announced to the general public
  • Create sales contests/incentives for sales staff for selling our products
  • Inform sales staff of “big wins” from their peers and use these as examples of how Network Critical solutions can help their customers and can earn revenue for the sales representative
  • Issue a press release promoting the relationship

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